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Due to the way metal roofing panels are constructed and installed, metal roofs are highly resistant to wind damage, such as hurricanes. Unlike roofing shingles, tile, or shake, vertical seam metal roofs are installed with a continuous piece that extends the entire way from the eave (lowest part of the roof) to the ridge (highest part of the roof). This greatly minimizes the areas where winds and precipitation can penetrate beneath the roof material and cause damage, thus creating wind resistant roofing and hurricane proof roofing. In addition to being hurricane wind resistant, metal roofs have the highest strength to weight ratio of any roofing material and are mechanically attached to the roof deck with screws, creating a roof that can withstand many times the stress loads of most other roofing materials.

The extreme wind resistance of a hurricane proof roof has been vividly demonstrated in the hurricane areas of Florida. Wind resistant roofing in these hurricane areas typically suffered no damage, while asphalt shingle and tile roof damage was extensive from hurricane winds. Because of metal roofing being wind resistant and hurricane proof, metal roofing has become increasing popular as homeowners grow weary of constantly repairing their current roofs from hurricane wind damage. One way Florida has responded to hurricane winds is by enacting stricter building codes. Union has metal roofs which meet the toughest codes, including Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approvals.

Our wind resistant and hurricane proof metal roofs have received numerous testimonials from homeowners that converted to wind resistant metal roofs in Florida regarding the outstanding performance in storm and hurricane damaged areas.:

Read reviews about Union's hurricane resistant roofing customers:

“My parents have a metal roof and it’s durable; they live in a development with 92 homes and their house was one of the two homes that didn’t suffer storm damage.”

“I wanted to avoid having to replace my roof again and again.”

“Based on my observations, metal roofs don’t sustain damage; I see a lot of commercial buildings with metal roofs that have survived hurricanes.”

“Shingle roofs are only good for four or five years here in Florida.”


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