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Metal Roof's Urban Heat Island Effect Reduction Benefits

In many urban areas of North America, the prevalent use of energy-absorbing roofing and building materials such as asphalt shingles, concrete, and pavements can create a microclimate wherein temperatures are higher than in surrounding rural areas. These roofing materials absorb and store large amounts of heat and solar energy during the day, causing ambient temperatures to remain unnaturally high, sometimes by as much as 12 F. This is called the urban heat island effect and the heat island effect roof leads to a host of other problems, including increased energy consumption and a greater incidence of ozone and smog formation. Studies have shown that reducing ambient temperatures caused the heat island effect roof by as little as one half degree can reduce smog by 5%.

Energy Star certified metal roofs help reduce this urban heat island effect by reflecting a high percentage of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere, reducing heat buildup. So not only can you lower your own utility bills reducing the heat island effect, you can do your part to ensure a healthy environment in your own community.


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