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Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause a tremendous amount of damage to roof materials such as asphalt shingles. Asphalt is a complex mixture of hundreds of hydrocarbon molecules. These molecules absorb UV radiation from sunlight and ultimately break down, causing cracking, buckling, and general degradation of the physical properties of the shingle. Shingle manufacturers attempt to protect their products from UV degradation by coating the shingles with granules. These granules block the UV rays from hitting the asphalt, but are easily dislodged from the shingles and continue to fall off over time. Anyone who has handled new or old shingles knows that these granules are constantly being shed.

The structural integrity of metal roofing is virtually unaffected by UV radiation and will not break down chemically like many other roofing materials. However, the paint systems used on metal roofs are an important factor to consider. The paint system is a critical component that takes the full brunt of UV exposure. Unlike the base metal, paints are impacted by UV rays and cheap systems can fade, chalk, and crack over time. Fading is just that, the color will fade into a lighter shade. Chalking occurs when the components of the paint system break down and there is a white “chalky” film on the paint surface. When you touch a paint system that’s chalking, you get the white powdery residue on your hands. In the most severe cases, a paint system can fail completely and crack or peel from the surface of the metal. In any case, the selection of a high quality paint system is critical to maintaining a beautiful aesthetic look to your roof.

Union uses the most advanced paint systems in the industry which utilize a combination of highly UV resistant inorganic pigments and binding systems. These paint systems are warranted for a minimum of 40 years against set standards for fade, chalk, cracking, and peeling. A Union metal roof will not only protect your home, it will continue to look like new for many years to come.


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