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  MetalProTECTION metal roof system warranty

Of course not. But many homeowners are being tricked into doing just that. Some manufacturers are cheapening the steel used in their roofing products in an effort to cut costs.

These products may come with a “40 year” paint warranty, but what they don’t tell you is that the steel underneath has no warranty whatsoever. To make matters worse, the “savings” for these non-warranted products are minimal, yet they end up costing homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in future replacement and repair.

Steel with a Galvalume coating of less than AZ50 is not warranted by the steel mills and not recommended for residential applications.

Regardless of the paint system, metal roofing products with no steel warranty are not recommended for residential roofing applications due to the risk of corrosion. As your trusted partner since 1946, Union only uses fully warranted steel substrates in our residential grades.

Don’t be fooled, ask to see the Paint AND Steel warranty!


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