Metal Roofing Materials and Wall Systems

MetalProTECTIONOur new MetalProTECTIONsm System Warranty gives you the peace of mind you deserve when you upgrade to a metal roof!

We're excited to launch our new MetalProTECTIONsm System Warranty which gives homeowners a 10 year labor protection period during which Union will cover 100% of both labor and materials in the case of manufacturing defects.  To ensure you're getting the best roof possible, only factory trained MetalPro contractors can offer the MetalProTECTIONsm Warranty.

When you purchase the warranty, you'll receive a registered warranty brochure direct from Union that includes an actual metal color sample of your chosen roof color.  The registered brochure certifies that your roof was installed by a factory trained MetalPro contractor and that the installation requirements for the warranty were met.  In addition to the 10 year labor protection period, your MetalProTECTIONsm System installation ensures you get the following:

  • Union's REPEL or REPEL II synthetic underlayment designed specfically for metal roofs.
  • All metal panels and trim are supplied by Union to ensure color matching and corrosion resistance.
  • Union's Lifetime woodscrews are used for exposed fastener panel systems.
  • All fasteners and accessories are supplied by Union.

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If you're a dealer or a contractor that would like more information, please contact your Union sales rep, or call one of our sales offices at the numbers listed here.


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