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Roofing Lifecycle Costs

A metal roof can save you a lot of money on upkeep and maintenance over the life of the roof. In fact, metal is the most maintenance-free roofing material on the market today. In most applications, a metal roof will require no ongoing maintenance for the life of the roof. You can forget about additional metal roofing lifecycle costs like shingle blow-offs, cracking, buckling, and unsightly discoloration.

If we use an average example of a metal roof with a 50 year life and an asphalt shingle roof with a 16 year life, you can expect to save about 65% in total roofing lifecycle costs over the life of the roof. This roofing cost calculation includes initial roofing installation and re-roof expenditures, but ignores any emergency maintenance roofing costs, so your total metal roofing lifecycle cost savings would likely be even higher, especially in severe weather areas.

If you add in the additional potential roofing lifecycle cost savings for energy costs, insurance cost, resale, and taxes, you can be confident that your metal roof will be a sound investment for your home and family.


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