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Find a Metal Roofing Contractor

The vast majority of homeowners utilize a contractor for their metal roofing project. We've made the process easier for you by providing two ways for you to find a qualified contractor. First, you can go to our contractor finder to find a listing of our MetalPro contractors. MetalPro contractors have attended our basic installation training class which covers recommended installation techniques for our MasterRib and Advantage-Lok products.

Do it Yourself

If you plan on buying metal roofing products and doing the metal roofing project yourself, there are two basic pieces of information that you'll need before you buy metal roofing products:

1) The metal roof product you want to buy, and
2) Your roof dimensions so you know how much metal roofing product to buy.

Once you have this information, call us at 1-888-MTL-ROOF and we will give you a listing of authorized dealers in your area to get a quote on the metal roofing product you want to buy.

1) We will need to know the metal roofing product name, gauge, color, and warranty grade that you prefer. Example below:

Product: Advantage-Lok
Gauge: 26
Paint Grade: Lifetime
Color: Evergreen

2) Below are examples of roof terminology and the dimensions that will be required.

Roofing TerminologyClick here for Roofing Terminology
Roofing MeasurmentsClick here for Roofing Measurements
Once you order your roof, delivery is usually one to two weeks, depending on the specific product. Expedited delivery of less than one week is also available in some instances. Please call us at the numbers below for details.

Simply call us at 1-888-MTL-ROOF to get the process started. Or, you can send us an e-mail by going to the “Contact Us” section of the website.



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