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(Fayetteville, North Carolina, March 2010) —(Fayetteville, North Carolina, March 2010) -Union Corrugating metal
roofing is being used on emergency relief shelters for the victims of the massive earthquake in Haiti. Several charities, including Samaritan's Purse, have been instrumental in donating sturdy structures to provide temporary relief to thousands of Haitians who have lost their homes.

The high strength and light weight of Union's MasterRib metal roofing panel makes it perfect for these simple, yet strong shelters. In this particular application, The strength of MasterRib eliminates the need for an additional plywood roof deck, reducing installation and material costs. Thousands of these shelters are currently being built with the intent of providing as much protection as possible prior to the spring rainy season.

Union Corrugating Company, founded in 1946, is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of metal roofing and siding products and accessories. Recently, the company has been developing products for the ever growing residential roofing market that can potentially save homeowners money on energy, repairs, and insurance costs. Currently, Union has ten manufacturing and distribution facilities located across the Eastern and Central United States.



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