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(Fayetteville, North Carolina, Jan 2008) — Union Corrugating recently launched an advanced synthetic roof underlayment specifically designed for metal roofing installations. REPEL™ offers a superior performing alternative to conventional asphalt-based roofing felts. Constructed of a high-strength woven polypropylene fabric coated on both sides with a specially formulated anti-slip walking surface, REPEL™ offers outstanding nail sealing ability and UV resistance and can be exposed for up to six months. Its light gray color reduces heat gain and provides a cooler working surface.

Traditional roofing felts deteriorate quickly and commonly tear and stick to the underside of metal roofing, adversely effecting roof performance. REPEL™ offers tear resistance that’s 20 times greater than 30# felt and features a 25 year warranty. It also features a Class A fire rating and has received a Notice of Acceptance for use from Miami-Dade, one of the toughest building codes in the country.

REPEL™ was designed with the contractor in mind and is seven times lighter than 30# felt for easy handling. It comes in high coverage 48” wide, 10 square rolls which allows for quick and easy installation with less waste. REPEL’s™ productivity savings allow you to offer customers a better performing underlayment without adding cost to your project.

Union Corrugating Company, founded in 1946, is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of metal roofing and siding products and accessories. Recently, the company has been developing innovative products for the ever growing residential roofing market that can potentially save homeowners money on energy, repairs, and insurance costs. Currently, they have ten manufacturing and distribution facilities located across the Eastern and Central United States.



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