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(Fayetteville, North Carolina, October 2006) — Union Corrugating Company (UCC), an industry leader in the residential, commercial and agricultural roofing and siding market, recently received Energy Star™ approval for their “Clay” roofing panel and siding color. UCC now offers eight colors in the Energy Star certified high reflectance paint systems.

“Adding an eighth color to the Energy Star list is great not only for us, but for our customers as well,” said Jason Thornton, Director of Marketing for UCC. “Not only are we making strides in cutting back energy consumption, but we are giving our customers another option when thinking about ways to cut costs in their own homes.”

In order to meet Energy Star criteria, the roof must have a total solar reflectance minimum of 25 percent, meaning the roof reflects 25 percent of the sun’s energy. In addition, Energy Star certified roofs must maintain a reflectance of at least 15 percent after three years of real-world exposure testing. In general, lighter colors have better reflectivity, with colors such as white having a reflectivity that exceeds 60 percent.

The new color on the list, “Clay,” has an initial reflectivity of 33 percent. “We constantly get requests from customers wanting to know what colors are Energy Star certified and what the reflectivity of those colors are,” said Thornton. “Obviously we want customers to choose colors that best reflect their homes and their preferences, but the benefits of Energy Star certified colors are too great to not at least consider.”

A typical dark asphalt shingle absorbs most of the solar radiation that hits it, consequently making your attic a very hot place during the summer months. Having an Energy Star certified metal roof can reduce cooling costs and energy consumption by as much as 40% simply by reflecting a high percentage of the sun’s energy back into the atmosphere. Energy Star certified metal roofing can also save you money on your taxes; The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was created to reward homeowners who upgrade their homes with energy-efficient improvements. Several different types of products qualify, including metal roofs with Energy Star certified paint systems.

For over half a century, Union Corrugating Company has served the metal building components market. The company continues to develop innovative products for the ever growing residential roofing market that can potentially save homeowners money on energy, repairs, and insurance costs. Currently, they have ten manufacturing and distribution facilities located across the Eastern and Central United States.

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