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(Fayetteville, North Carolina, October 2006) — Union Corrugating Company has teamed up with Lowe’s in the development of the Katrina Cottages. Designed by Marianne Cusato and Architect/Planner Andres Duany, the Katrina Cottage was developed as a better alternative to the FEMA trailers used by many of the residents displaced by the devastation of hurricane Katrina. The cottages will be sold in select Mississippi and Louisiana Lowe’s stores starting in November of 2006.

The cottages will be using Union Corrugating Company’s 5V metal roofing. The roofs are being used because of their outstanding wind resistance and classic coastal design features. Union’s 5V roofing is Miami-Dade certified which means it meets the highest wind building codes in the country and is designed for winds up to 150 mph.

“The 5V is popular in many coastal areas already because of its durability,” said Jason Thornton, Director of Marketing for Union Corrugating. “Our metal roofing materials are constructed to withstand the extreme weather conditions present along coastal areas and are a perfect match for these Cottages.”

The Katrina Cottages are designed to meet IBS (International Building Code) hurricane codes and are built to the same standards as a full-sized house. The siding is termite and rot resistant, while the wallboards are moisture and mold resistant. Besides being able to survive the weather, the 5V metal roof will add to the durability of the Cottages by providing a structurally sound covering to these homes, while also having a life span extending years beyond that of a normal shingle roof. Upkeep is also minimal when properly installed.

The benefits of a metal roof also branch over to saving the homeowner money in the long run as well, an important factor for many Katrina victims who may not have the funds to get back to where they were before the disaster. Metal roofs can generally keep your house cooler during the summer months, lowering your cooling system costs. Also, because of the extreme durability of the roofs, some insurance companies will give homeowners a discount on their homeowners insurance.

“While we first and foremost want these residents to move back home and have a sturdy place to call their own, the benefits of having a metal roof on their homes extend well beyond enduring the weather,” said Thornton.

The overall size of the Cottages range between 300 square feet to 1200 square feet, depending on the model, and start at prices as low as $25,000. Buyers will be able to finance with a home loan, with Lowe’s delivering directly to the building site.

Union Corrugating Company, founded in 1946, is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of roll formed metal roofing and siding products and accessories. Recently, the company has been developing innovative products for the ever growing residential roofing market that can potentially save homeowners money on energy, repairs, and insurance costs. Currently, they have ten manufacturing and distribution facilities located across the Eastern and Central United States. You can receive more information on the Katrina Cottages, by visiting their website at:

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