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(Fayetteville, North Carolina, September 2008) — Union Corrugating recently added copper flashing to its existing line of aluminum, galvanized, and vinyl flashing products. Union’s copper flashing features a new polymer backing that effectively isolates galvanized joist hangers and fasteners from decking and the corrosive effect of ACQ and other pressure treated wood chemicals. The new asphalt free backing won’t stain concrete, vinyl, or wood and keeps pressure treated decks looking better and lasting longer.

Features and benefits:

  • Compatible with ACQ and all other types of pressure treated wood
  • Polymer laminate technology isolates galvanized parts and protects from corrosion
  • Two layers of self-sealing protection
  • Non-asphalt, non-staining adhesive backing
  • Resists temperatures up to 275F without separation
  • Great for decks, sills, or windows

UV protection for life Union’s copper flashing is offered in 8” x 20’ and 10” x 20’ rolls. Union Corrugating Company, founded in 1946, is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of metal roofing and siding products and accessories. Recently, the company has been developing innovative products for the ever growing residential roofing market that can potentially save homeowners money on energy, repairs, and insurance costs. Currently, they have ten manufacturing and distribution facilities located across the Eastern and Central United States.



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